Male Cabaret Shows Melbourne

We are busy people. We all are. We are busy in our day to day lives doing so many things with minimal rewards. Busy doing things for our children, husbands, family, work ect.

Everything for everyone else but you.

Now is your time to take a few steps back and enjoy this crazy thing we call life. How best to do this? You need a girls night out. Why?

Reason 1. You’ve spent that much time on Netflix the last couple of months your beginning to wonder if there is anything else to watch on there.

Reason 2.The last time you had a girls night Melbourne….EXACTLY! You cant remember can you? If you cant remember you are way over due to be tempted, tantalised and teased by the gorgeous Men of Menxclusive. Making your girls night out Melbourne one for the record books.

Reason 3. You haven’t spent much time with your BBF’s for a while. And you know that you all need a girls night out in Melbourne with some cocktails and laughs. And god knows Lisa needs some time away from Gary.

Reason 4. You love you Partner, very much. But lets be honest he’s not looking the same way he did 15years ago when he caught your eye. You are in need of some much needed man flesh. You need Male strippers Melbourne, you need Menxclusive to be precise.

Reason 5. Your best friend Steph just got her heart broken (for the 5th time this year) and she needs you to distract and keep her away from her phone and messaging the idiot guy you knew was never good enough for her. She needs to be distracted, feel distraction in her hands and hear it in her ears. Menxclusive has already crossed your mind for her.

Reason 6. Kids. Kids are full on. We love them and would never change having them in our lives but something you need to be around the adults. Talk about more then pepper pig and listening to one direction. Having a girls night out Melbourne with Menxclusive THE male strippers Melbourne is one sure way to have some much earned adult time.

Reason 7.You live in Melbourne. The most liveable city in the world and your inside watching Netflix every night with your cat discussing why Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte didn’t want a threesome with Miranda.

Reason 8. Why the hell not? Why don’t you and the girls deserve to have a girls night out Melbourne? We assure you that the gentlemen from Menxclusive will give you and the girls something to talk about forever. Let the guys make all your dreams come true while you sip on espresso martinis and maybe even have a few sneaky shots with the girls.

At the end of the day we only live once. Ladies, treat yourself and have your girls night out Melbourne with the irresistible guys from Menxclusive.

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