Striptease shows and working in retail has its perks

I went to a strip tease show … with my boss. This is how it went.

Take one lady in her 60’s, one in her 50’s, two in their 40’s, one in her 30’s and one 22 year old, put them together and take them to a MenXclusive strip tease show. Add the fact that they all work in the same retail store (for different companies) and one is my boss. The result? One hell-of-a good time with hilarious memories that serve as a mood-lifter for those dull, boring days we can all have working retail.

Credit for the initial idea came from someone who didn’t even go in the end (probably from fear she’d never be able to look at her work colleagues in the same way again).  When I tell my friends and family of my experience, they ask me ‘why?’ with confused looks on their faces, wondering why we felt it was necessary to go with this unusual gathering of people to a strip-tease show instead of just going to dinner. While my response is to ‘blame’ this girl for getting the idea in our heads, it’s really our work environment that’s to blame. We work in a place where there are no windows to see what the weather is outside, where we are breathing the same air as everyone else and have to endure an 8-hour day with no music (until we snuck in some speakers that we have to hide when we get store visits) and variable air-conditioning temperatures that will have us shivering one day and sweating the next, or on those rare occasions where the retails gods are on our side, just right. You can’t blame us, then, that on those regular occasions at this time of year where we have no customers, we start to talk about our ambitions, have a plain old bitch about life and most of all, dream up crazy plans. This is, I would say, really the reason for why we needed this experience and how it really started.

“Having fun?” To which I said “Yep, how could I not.” That, folks, is a true statement.

The best thing about the experience was seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces that have remained there for a week now, and counting. The tale of our night out has gradually spread through the department store and whenever we need a bit of a laugh, we recount the hilarious things the ladies did when they were on stage. This includes them competing for free drinks by acting out sex positions, which they totally failed at. In an attempt to act out the cowgirl position, the host said it looked like My Little Pony, a mistake you don’t want to make.

So there it is, my night at a strip tease show. While I wouldn’t recommend this experience for everyone’s workmate outing, with the right people you can always have a good time. Oh and the answer is yes – I will go with you to another one.




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