Hens nights Melbourne, birthdays, girls night… Why male strippers?

Hens nights Melbourne, birthdays, girls night
Hens nights Melbourne, birthdays, girls night with MenXclusive… Why male strippers?
So what makes a celebration great? Is it the people you chose to spend it with, the reason itself or quite simply the alcohol involved…?
We all celebrate. We celebrate milestones, our achievements and life events. We celebrate with family, friends and loved ones.

Non to be honest (though they all play a massive part) it’s the memories you take away from it.


Looking at that picture of you and you three best mates dressed up and having the time of your lives, remembering that time the male strippers in Melbourne from MenXclusive chose to take you up on stage or have a secret dance with you.
It’s being captured by the moments Sidney Saayman shares with you on his stage, or being dared to do a body shot of the hot male strippers body, and reliving it on your best friends snapchat memories.

Witnessing your sister, friend, hen, or someone that just got her heart broken smiling from ear to ear when they leave the world outside just for a few hours with out the attachement of what will happen if I do.
It’s knowing that next time…your bringing your mum because you know she needs a girls night out too and being serenaded would just make her year!
It’s cheering with your espresso martinis with those three Best friends that know all your secrets.

It’s having the best girls night out you have ever had with that take home photo signed by the Xclusive prince who made your magic night unbelievable with more then just magical men at MenXclusive ‘tour de mond’.

So why wouldn’t you want to go to male Strippers Melbourne and make your girls night out, hens night Melbourne or birthday party one to remember forever?Hens night or Simply a girls night out let your hair down you deserve it.