Male Topless Waiters Melbourne

MenXclusive provides Melbourne with some unforgettable topless waiters for your next function.

Hiring a topless waiter for your next event is a great way of keeping your hens night sexy making it a complete success. Our extraordinary topless waiters and hosts will create a classy yet elegant atmosphere. From meet and greet to hosting some amazing games with you guests, getting them ready for the party ahead. Serving food and drinks adding some good eye candy for the party.

MenXclusive topless waiters at your service.

Single topless hosts or waiter

a solo male topless waiter meet and greet your guests serves drinks, food and brighten the event making it more memorable.
From $160 for two hours excluding travel

Double trouble package

Two hunky MenXclusive topless waiters at your service, making sure the night is just the way you dreamt of it.  The most popular choice from all our event clients this one sure packs a punch they will fully entertain your particular audience and cater to the needs of each individual.

Waiters that can Dance

Our waiters will not only serve you and the guest your drinks. You can hire a male stripper to make the night complete.

You can hire two male topless waiters and just when you think they are done for the day. The waiters prepare to rock the party even harder with a magical striptease.

From $600 for two hours plus 30 min Show excluding travel


From a private male topless waiter to a strip show MenXclusive delivers on their promise.

MenXclusive is the best at what they do sexy, talented and professional. Now you can hire them for a number of professional services, from elegant work functions and full productions to the perfect night out or in.

Entertainment making your event memorable is what we do best.

Cocktails for hens nights in Melbourne

Being served by the best topless waiters exclusively only available from Menxclusive. The dashing barmen they send to these events are as skilled in cocktail creation as they are in being the life of the party! The hosts provided will make you laugh, play games and create the best eye candy for your event. The drinks and cocktails are designed for ladies and the setup is perfect for any home in Victoria or even a hired apartment or hotel room.